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The working memory model was devised by;"Baddeley and
The dual-task technique is where;"participants are asked to
carry out a primary task (reasoning/sentence checking)
while also engaging in a secondary task (reciting a list of 6
digits). Performance is compared with the performance…

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Methodological issues of the study of the effect of the
number of syllables of words on the capacity of the
phonological loop are;"high internal validity because it was a
well controlled, laboratory experiment, however longer
words are less familiar than shorter words and it is possible
that this is why…

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The visuo-spatial sketchpad is made up of;"the inner scribe
and the visual cache."
The difference between the inner scribe and the visual
cache is that;"the visual cache stores information about
visual form and colour whereas the inner scribe processes
spatial and movement information."
The difference between the inner scribe and…

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Baddeley et al discovered the phonological loop plays a key
role in the development of reading and that;"the
phonological loop is not operative in some children with
The 'working memory span' is;"the number of words
participants can correctly recall from a list they had been
holding in their head…


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