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Working memory model-

Developed by Baddeley and Hitch in 1974
Explains why we can do 2 different tasks at the same time but not
2 similar tasks
Suggests short term memory is not just one store but it made up
of 4 different stores within it
4 stores ­ central…

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Hitch and Baddeley (1976)
Participants given 2 tasks to do simultaneously
Task 1 occupied the central executive, participants were given a
statement such as ` b is followed by a' then given two letters such
as `ab' then asked to say true or false.
Task 2 either involved the articulatory…

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Participants given a visual track task (following a moving light with
a pointer)
Given one of 2 tasks, task one to describe the angles on the letter
`F' and task two to perform a verbal task
Task 1 showed difficulty as the same component is being used
whereas task 2…


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