Women in Nazi Germany

Notes on Women in Nazi Germany

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Women in Nazi Germany
Girls from the age of ten joined the Jungmadel (Hitler Youth)
From fourteen they entered the Bund Deutscher Madel (German Girls'
League). They were taught their role was as a good wife and mother and
their place was in the home. For example the 3 Ks: kinder, kuche, kirche (or
cook, clean, children!)
1933: Law for the Encouragement of Marriage which gave newlyweds a
government loan of 1000 marks. This encouraged them to get married but
also to have children.
1934: 10 commandments for choice of spouse which encouraged people
fitting the German Ideal to marry and keep race pure.
Physical Constraints
Not allowed to wear make-up, have hair dyed or have perms
Only to wear flat shoes and no trousers allowed
No slimming as thought unhealthy and would upset child-bearing
No smoking as seen as 'un-German'
Long hair or put in bun or plaits
Women taken out of the labour market
1934: women dismissed from professions
1936: women could not be judges or sit on jury
Women's Bureau persuaded women to work for good of Nazi government
1937 'Duty Year' as skills shortage
Breeding Programme
Women had biological purpose
Medals for women who had more than 4 children
Encouraged unmarried women to have children via Lebensborn's where
women pregnant by racially pure SS officers
Banned contraception and abortion
Sterilized racially 'unpure'

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Opposition from women
Large numbers of women joined Left wing political groups
1933 Nazis opened first concentration camp for women at Moringen which
were followed by others such as Ravensbruck
Some women committed suicide in opposition to Nazis…read more


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