Why is the composition of the Supreme Court controversial?

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Why is the composition of the Supreme Court so
Its powers- the Court the power to say what the Constitution says, and
thus gives it the power to legislate from the bench
Life tenure of judges- this means that Presidents have influence, many
years after they have left office. For example, Bush's conservative
judges, Alito and Roberts, are still in the Court. Roberts even more so,
being the Chief Justice.
The Court now has also has a liberal and conservative bloc (loose and
strict constructionists), thus the nomination is politicised as there is often
intense lobbying from people who oppose the nomination, or people
who support the nomination.
Desire of minority groups and various regions to see themselves on the
Court, for example Kagan's appointment meant that there was three
natives of New York and three Jewish people, which some feel is
unrepresentative of the actual United States. They feel that, as it is an
unelected body, it should have some legitimacy by being


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