What was Reconstruction

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What was reconstruction?
How did Johnson bring thr Southern states back into the union? What were the condtions?
Further amendments were made to the constitution, which in theory gave African Americans
substantial civil rights. The fourteenth Amendment; ratified in 1868, gave all freed blacks their United
States citizenship and equal protection under the law. Then in 1870 the fifteenth amendment
forbade the denial of the vote to any man on the basis of colour, race or previous condition of
Civil rights Act of 1866: this should have guaranteed equality to blacks but more radical
Republicans were worried that white southeners were already planning to undermine the
position of African American voters.
Military districts: The south was divided into five regions under the US army generals who
would decide who was qualified to vote. And set up new state governments.
What was the impact for black Americans in the south and north?
Over 700,000 black men were now enrolled to vote. These newly liberated people had a major role
in electing members to the conventions that had been set up by congress. By the spring of 1868
thsee organisations had established civil rights for blacks on equal terms with whites. Black
representatives were now in real political power. Gained greatly from republican policies. However,
real political power for black men was limited as they were not elected in proportion to their
How did congress try to create civil rights for former slaves?
1865 Freedmen's Bureau
The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, usually referred to as simply the
Freedmen's Bureau, was a U.S. federal government agency that aided distressed freedmen (freed
slaves) in 1865­1872, but it was very weak by 1870[2] during the Reconstruction era of the United
1866 Civil Rights Act
The civil rights act excluded native Americans but asserted that all other races including African
Americans were full citizens of the united states, even if they had previously been slaves.
1866 Fourteenth Amendment
Gave all freed blacks their united states citizenship and equal protection under the law
1870 Fifteenth Amendment
Forbade the denial of the vote to any man on the basis of color or race.
1875 Civil Rights Act

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