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Geography Revision

Weather and Climate

The UK has a temperate maritime climate (maritime-affected by sea)

Factors affecting the UK climate
Latitude- temperature highest at low latitudes, lower in high latitudes as near the poles the
suns rays hit the earth as an oblique angle so have a larger area to…

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Pressure Wind Speed Precipitation Weather in Weather in
Summer Winter
Depressions Low pressure Higher Two bands of Unsettled, Also
towards rain, air wind, cloud unsettled,
centre of forced to rise and rain wind, rain and
depression over two cloud
Anticyclones High pressure Lower than No rain Dry & settled,…

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CASE STUDY ­ The August 2003 heat wave

Area of high pressure over most of Western Europe.
Air moving in clockwise direction bring a hot dry tropical continental air mass to the UK
Few clouds, little rain and extremely high temperatures.
Areas affected
Many countries over Europe had extremely…

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Rich World: Hurricane Floyd, Poor world: Hurricane Mitch,
North Carolina USA Sept 1999 Honduras and Nicaragua central
Africa Oct 1998
Wind Speed Up to 250kph Up to 260kph
People affected 3 million 4 million
Loss of life 7 18000 dead or missing
Damage Scores of houses destroyed Over 1 million…

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One of the main routes to New Orleans 1700 schools were destroyed
was closed as parts of the 1-10 bridge
Economic $300 billion of damage $4 billion of damage
Effects 230,000 jobs were lost from businesses Millions of people lost their livelihoods
damaged or destroyed 200,000 farm animals were…


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