Waves - The EM Spectrum - smartphone physics

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An electromagnetic
wave transfers Energy
between charged
Electromagnetic waves
can move through
physical media (e.g.
glass) but do not rely
on it, since even a
vacuum (space) has
magnetic and electric

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The E.M.
Part of Spectrum
Gamma Rays Less than 1pm
X Rays Less than 10nm
Ultra-violet 10 to 400nm
Visible light 400 to 700nm
Infra-red 700nm to 1mm
Microwaves 1mm to 20cm
Radio 20cm or longer

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UVA (400-315nm)
UVB (315-280nm)
UVC (280-100nm)
A ­ causes tanning
B & C cause sunburn &
skin cancer
We need some UVB to
make vitamin D
Sunscreen contains
chemicals to filter out
UVA and UVB.
UVC is blocked by the
Glass also blocks all UV.

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...on the Ultraviolet part
of the E.M. Spectrum

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Why E.M.?
What do we mean by
They have nothing to
do with electromagnets.

Electromagnetic waves
are made of oscillating
Electric and Magnetic

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Fields ?
You live in a constant
gravitational field.
A Field is a region
where a particular type
of object experiences a
If you are in a constant
gravitational field and
you have MASS, you
can experience a
gravitational force (i.e.

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Fields ?
And if you have
CHARGE, you can
experience a force if
you are in a constant
electric field and/or
moving through a
constant magnetic field.

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E.M. Wave
An Electromagnetic
wave is where the
strengths (i.e
amplitudes) of an
Electric Field and a
Magnetic Field keep
We can plot the Electric
and Magnetic Field
strengths on a graph
like this:-

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E.M. Wave

Electric Field

Magnetic Field

This transverse wave
moves along at c, the
speed of light
(3.00 x 108 ms-1)

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E.M. Wave

Electric Field

Magnetic Field

In fact:
Electric Field Strength
Magnetic Field Strength


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