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What are waves?

Waves are the vital energy input, within the system
Waves form from the frictional drag of wind passing over the seas surface.
Within each wave, water particles are involved in a series of circular

Wave controls

Controlled by 3 main characteristics

Wind speed
Wind persistence-…

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Swash is stronger than backwash.


Result of storm activity
Wave lengths are short and waves high so wave breaks from considerable
height creating large amounts of energy that can't be easily absorbed.
Powerful waves run up beach, the volume of water creating the opportunity
for strong backwash to move…

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Experience a less extreme pattern of wind and waves. The waves will have
considerable swell over a long fetch but not combined with strong winds such as in
West Africa.

Storm surges

High onshore winds and tides combine to give unusually high sea levels.

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High tides
Strong onshore…


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