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1. Why had Vietnam fought the Japanese
The Japanese occupied French Vietnam and treated the Vietnamese savagely
The Viet Minh, a strong anti-Japanese movement ruled under the leadership of Communist Ho Chi

2. Who was Ho Chi Minh?
He was a communist who lead the Viet Minh

3. Who…

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He belonged to the landlord class, treating the Vietnamese peasants with Contempt
He was Christian and showed little respect to the Buddhists-this humiliated the Americans
He was corrupt

11. In what ways did he receive American support
The USA supported Diem's regime, with around $1.6 billon
They believed no one…

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His successor was Lyndon Johnson

18. What happened in 1964 in the Gulf of Tonkin?
In August 1964, North Vietnamese patrol boats opened fire on US ships in the gulf of Tonkin

19. How did the USA react?
The Americans reacted furiously
The US congress passed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution…

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What was the Domino theory (5)

Guerrilla tactics:

Hit and run attacks
Retreat when the enemy attacks
Raid when the enemy camps
Attack when the enemy tires
Pursue when the enemy retreats

They used this because they were outnumbered by Americans. They
wouldn't win in…

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They depended on supplies from North Vietnam that came along the Ho Chi Minh trail. US and
South Vietnamese planes bombed this but 40,000 Vietnamese worked to keep the trail open at
whatever cost
The total losses of Vietcong and North Vietnam dead in the war were an estimate of…

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Damaged North Vietnam's supply route and war USA air power did not defeat
effort Communists, it only slowed them
The Vietcong carried on with their
supply lines and major assaults in
South Vietnam

Enabled USA to strike at Communist forces even The air cost was ridiculous; the
when US…

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Search and destroy tactics made US and South Vietnamese troops unpopular with the
villagers, that it led them to supporting the Vietcong.


1. Low morale and inexperience

Many of young men never went to military before. The average age was only 19. Many recruits…

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March 1968: The Charlie company ( a group of soliders) started a search and destroy mission
They were told that there was a Vietcong headquarters and that there were
over 200 Vietcong guerrillas
They did this on a Saturday, because they claimed that all the civilians would
be at market…

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Vietnam war highlighted the inequality between blacks and whites

This was because you could escape the draft if you went to university

VERY FEW black people went to university

30% of African Americans fought in the war but only 19% whites were drafted.

They suffered racism from whites in the…

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1. What was the Tet offensive
2. When was it
3. Why was it a disaster for the Communists
4. Why was it good for the communists
5. Why was the Tet offensive a TURNING point in the war
6. Why did Johnson not seek re-election

1. When the Vietcong…


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