Velocity time-graphs and Acceleration

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Velocity and acceleration.
Velocity and acceleration are both different to speed:
Velocity is the speed at which something is moving in a certain direction.
And acceleration is how quickly the velocity is changing- this could be a change in speed or in
To work out acceleration:
Acceleration= change in velocity/time taken. (Acceleration is measured in m/s²)
Or to make it easier you could you could use the triangle

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Now you know the features you also need to know how to calculate acceleration, velocity and
distance using a velocity time-graph.
To work out the acceleration on a distance time graph you must use the equation-
Acceleration= gradient= vertical change/ horizontal change.
Example: Using this velocity time graph find out the acceleration.
Well we know that an uphill line represents acceleration so the first section is the part we need to
work out.…read more


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