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Vectors... A/A*
Quite simple for an A/A* topic and I think that as soon as
you get it. You should be getting some good marks. So
lets crack this.
So click on to find out more…read more

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Diagram NOT accurately A to B is supposed to be half of C to D
1. a+b
A a B AC
2. CD
3. AD -a+b
1. This just means what are the points needed to get from A to C.
Try and follow it in one direction the one that is easiest.
From a to b = a. From B to C = b. So them two together. It is a +b
2. Due to A to B being half of D to C. So D to C is 2a. However it is C to D so it is in the
other direction so it is -2a.
3. A to D is the most simple one. Once you have done 1 and 2. Just follow the route
a + b ­ 2a. It needs simplifying to ­a + b.…read more


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