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GCSE Geography ­
Urbanisation…read more

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What is urbanisation
Urbanisation is the growth of people
living in a country's urban areas…read more

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80% of the UK's population live in urban areas (this can generally be found in any
rich country)
Not many people in poor country's live in urban areas around 25% in Bangladesh
Most urbanisation is generally occurring in poorer country's
This happens at a fast pace because of quality of life etc...…read more

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Rural ­ urban migration
Rural-urban migration causes urbanisation in both LEDC's and MEDC's…read more

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Why do people move from rural to urban
areas in poor country's
1. No/ low services (no power access, no education, no water access)
2. Jobs attract people to the city. Industry is attracted to citys because there is a
larger workforce and better infrastructure than rural areas.…read more

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Why do people move from rural to urban
areas in rich country's
1. The industrial revolution caused a lot of urbanisation in the C19th machinery
began to replace farm labour and so the only choice for people was to move to
factory's in the city.
2. In the late C20th people moved into the country because areas in city's had
become run down. However now these areas are being redeveloped encouraging
the people back.…read more

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