Unit Three Chem Keywords

Just a list of keywords and definitions.

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Unit Three Chemistry Keywords
Analysis: the examination of something by breaking it down and identifying the
separate parts.
Atomic Mass: the average mass (in atomic mass units) of the isotopes of an
Calorie: a unit of heat energy. The energy required to heat 1g of water
by 1ºC.
Calorimetry: the measurement of quantities of heat energy.
Distillation: the process of boiling a liquid and condensing its vapours.
Electronic Structure: the arrangement of
electrons within an atom.
Empirical Formula: shows the radio of elements
in a compound.
Group: a vertical column of elements in the Periodic Table.
Hard Water: water containing salts which prevent soap
from lathering.
Joule: a unit of work.

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Period: a horizontal row of elements in the Periodic Table.
Saturated Solution: a solution which will not
dissolve any more solute at a particular temperature.
Solubility Curve: graph which shows how the
solubility of a solute changes with temp.
Titration: chemical analysis used to determine
the concentration of a known reactant.
Transition Elements: block of metallic elements in the middle of the Period
Table.…read more


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