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The businesses vary in size, there are small businesses privately owned by one person (e.g. handyman)
and World-wide huge businesses (e.g. FedEx)

Stakeholders - Groups or people who have an interest in the performance and activity of a business.

Banks - give loans so they want to know…

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Takeover is when one company buys the control of another.

Merger is when two companies join together by natural agreement to develop even more.

Horizontal merger is where two companies in the same stage of production join together. (Daimler

Vertical merger is where two companies in different…

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Being close to other similar businesses
Having specialist

Technical - large businesses can afford expensive capital to develop production lines and equipment
can be operated for longer periods of time.

Managerial - Increased production is unlikely to have major effect on the managers and larger firms
can employ…


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