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Unit 3- Marriage and
the Family…read more

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Symbols of Marriage
Vows- Promises made in front of God, each other and friends and family
Wedding Rings- A never ending circle that shows married life is eternal and goes on
White Dress- A religious custom that means purity and it signifies that the bride is a
Veil- Shows the bride moving from her single life to being united with her husband…read more

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Catholic Christian Marriages
Sacrament- an important Christian ceremony
A Christian marriage is a sign of God's love
Order of Service:
1. Hymn
2. Opening Statement
3. Declaration
4. Vows
5. Exchange of Rings
6. Proclamation
7. Prayers
8. Signing of Register
9. Closing Hymn or Song…read more

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Islam and Marriages
Arranged Marriages- when your parents decide who you'll marry
Advantage: You'll know you get marriage
Disadvantage: You may not love the person your marrying
Muslim teachings on Marriage:
1. Muslims should marry because it follows the example of Muhammad (pbuh) who was
2. Marriages are arranged by parents
3. Marriage is for life
4. Men can marry Muslims, Jews or Christians
5. Women can only marry other Muslims
6. Marriage is a gift from Allah
7. Married couples are expected to have children…read more

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Muslim View on Sex
Islam ban all sex outside of marriage. After 13 years, boys and girls can't mix together
outside of the home
Islam doesn't allow people to cohabit. Men and women have to wear baggy clothes so
they're not attracted to one another
Muslim men can have up to 4 wives, but women can only have 1 husband
Both men and women can have a say- they can refuse some parents
Muslims have a contract called DOWRY. The man gives money and jewellery to his wife…read more

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Christians and Divorce
Divorce- When a marriage breaks down completely and the couple decide to legally
part from each other permanently. This is known as irretrievable breakdown.
Most Christians disapprove of divorce because couples make vows before God.
However, Protestant and Orthodox Churches will allow re-marriage because they say
God forgives people who makes mistakes. They also say that Jesus allowed divorce in
Matthew 19:9.
On the other hand, Roman Catholic Churches does not allow divorce/ re-marriage
because it views marriage as a sacrament. They also say that in the Bible, Jesus said
anyone who divorces and re-marries is committing adultery.
Divorce in the UK:
- Adultery
- Unreasonable behaviour e.g. violence, bullying etc.
- Children- parents argue over you
- Lack of money…read more

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