Unit 2 - Cells

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Cells :
Different types of cells have different functions in tissues and organs.
1. Plant cells
2. Animal cells
Most Human cells have the following parts:
1. Nucleus ­ controls the activities of the cell
2. Cytoplasm ­ where most of the chemical reactions take place
3. Cell membrane ­ controls the passage of substances in and out of a cell
4. Mitochondria ­ where most energy is released during respiration
5. Ribosome ­ where protein synthesis occurs
Plant cells also have a cell wall which strengthens the cell they can also
1. Chloroplasts ­ absorb light energy to make food
2. Permanent vacuole ­ filled with cell sap
The chemical reactions inside cells are controlled by enzymes
Cells may be specialised to carry out a particular function
1. Sperm cells ­ for fertilisation
2. Ciliated cell ­ move away trapped bacteria and dust
3. Epithelial cell ­ provides a large surface area for absorbing food
4. Palisade ­ narrow so lots can fit into the leaf to help absorb sunlight for


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