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SOH CAH TOA…read more

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What to use?
You can only use trig when you are given a
right-angled triangle with two sides and a
angle. H=Hypotenuse
H A=Adjacent
O O=Opposite
X= the side or angle wanted
H=Longest side= opposite
right angle
O=Side opposite the right
X X…read more

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Soh, Cah or Toa
Soh= Sin x O/H H
Cah= Cos x A/H
Toa= Tan x O/A O
Which one to use all depends on the sides
given. In this question you are given the sides H and A
therefore you will use CAH which is Cos. The answer
to the question will be Cos 48 = X/13....Therefore to
make X the subject.......
13 Multiplied by Cos 48 = X
X=8.70 Cm…read more

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Where the angle is not given and this is what
you have to work out you need to do the
inverse this is either Cos-1 Tan-1 or Sin-1
This is an example of where this is needed. So... the
two sides given is Opposite and Adjacent therefore
we are doing TOA which is Tan..........
Tan X= O/A
Tan X= 24/13 Remember to always make X the
X= Tan-1 24/13
Remember to do the divide first then do the inverse
of tan
X= 61.6o…read more




Good picture representation of the trig rules by examples

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