A simple, easy to follow sheet on how to do trigonometry.

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Trigonometry Revision Notes
A- Adjacent
O- Opposite
H- Hypotenuse
S- Sin
C- Cos
T- Tan
Step 1:- Label the Sides
Step 2:- Cross out the unwanted side
Step 3:- Work out which formula to use
Step 4:- Write out the three letters of the triangle from the formula you are using e.g. C= A= H=
Step 5:- Decide which of the three things you are looking for
Step 6:- Re arrange the formula to find out the value of what you are looking for e.g. A =C x H or C=
Step 7:- Calculate the value to the nearest degree of accuracy
When you need to find an angle you must press the SHIFT button on your calculator at the
end of the calculation.


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