Trends in unification and nationalism in Germany, 1789-1871

Big Fat Germany Sheet on unification and nationalism trends! A summary of each decade (1790-1870 because Germany was unified in 1871), a table outlining events in favour of and against unity for each decade (including whether I think that decade favoured unity or not) plus each event is highlighted according to whether it is an example of economic/socio-cultural/political/military factors or if it is an example of nationalism or the role of an individual (i.e. Bismarck, Napoleon, Metternich, ect) 

This was good for revision and writing essays (you could argue that german people were more socio-culturally unified in once decade but more politically unified in another and back it up with examples) however it's only completed up to the 1830s - I've started 1840 and 1850 but not 1860. 

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