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I am I have
Jesus a
a stupid
kidd loves
y everyone!.. Haircut
le…read more

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as -
Tom Mass
A Quee As…read more

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Nat King
Cole - King
= Nat
Coal URL
Law = Law
Jood…read more

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Abs Aww... Loot Isambard
Kingdom Brunel
- Brew
Bard United Manchester Nell
= Kingdom
= Ism…read more

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Aquinas' Theory
· Deontological: based on duty.
· Absolute: Necessarily wrong or right in all
· Consequentialitst: It is based on humans
fulfilling their potential (an outcome).
· Stupid: Like most religious-based theories, it
is full of contradictions and general absurdity
but, due to centuries of oppressive, rich and
heavily-armed `spiritual leaders' and
dogmatism ground-in to western society, these
are overlooked in the name of `faith'.
Galileo Galile
i was put un
But you may, I can expect, disregard this arrest and t der house
ortured, inc
cross brand luding havin
criticism due to the significance of religion in ed on his ch ga
Catholic Chu est, by the
`spiritual enlightenment' or the help it gives us rch when he
Heliocentris supported
in our day-to-day lives, despite the fact this is m ­ The the
ory that the
Sun is the ce
bullshit and all it actually does is create a false ntre of the s
and the Eart olar system
conciseness, keep us all in line and screw us h orbits it.
over (and the rest of the world) daily. But if you
want to continue reading your 2000 year old
fairy tales go ahead, whilst your at it we may as…read more

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