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The Recent Recession in the UK
A recession is a downturn in sales and production that occurs across most parts of the
economy, perhaps leading to six months of continuous economic decline. The UK officially
entered a recession in January 2009, as gross domestic fell by 1.5% in the last…

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experienced a 4.4% rise in sales in its stores after the recession had hit; they say that this is
mainly due to taking opportunities that have arisen from other chains difficulties in the
recession, such as Woolworths. "Since the recession hit, higher numbers of shop units have
become vacant and…

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programme of zero budgeting to remove any waste from departmental budgets; many
businesses also try and chase up debtors who currently owe the firm money. Taking on
additional loan capital is very hard during a recession as the availability of credit tends to dry
up as banks reassess their attitude…


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