The Terms of the Treaty of Versailles (LAMB)

Some notes summarising the Terms of the Treaty of Versailles using the LAMB limerick.

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The Terms of the Treaty of Versailles (LAMB)
Germany lost 13% of its land. AlsaceLorraine returned to France, West Prussia and Posen lost to
Poland amongst others. This lost six million of its people. Germany also lost its overseas colonies.
The French desire for security meant that the German armed forces had to be drastically reduced.
The air force had to be disbanded. The army was limited to 100,000 soldiers, the navy was limited
to 15,000 soldiers, six battleships and no submarines and the Rhineland would be occupied by the
Allies for fifteen years & no German troops allowed in the area.
The Allies could claim reparations for damage caused by the war. Given that the Treaty also took
away from Germany around 10% of its industry and 15% of its agricultural land. This impacted the
Germans as they were doubtful whether Germany could afford this. They had to pay £6600 million
back. Germany was bankrupt.
`War Guilt Clause' ­ Article 231 of the Treaty said that Germany was to blame for causing the War.
Germany had to accept responsibility for starting WWI. All Germans feel angry about this.


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