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The Teleological Argument

The design argument is a type of
teleological argument and is the argument
for the existence of God based on the
complexity of design in the world. The
design argument is a posteriori, meaning
that it is based on logic and experiences.

The two philosophers, Thomas Aquinas…

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William Paley
Paley saw elements of complex design in the world and came to the conclusion
that there must be a higher intelligence that designed it.
Paley's teleological argument is from design as he first sees the design in the
world and then draws the conclusion that there is a…

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Science and the Teleological Argument
Charles Darwin
Darwin observed the world and tried to explain how things are how they are.
His most famous observations were natural selection as he noticed that species
that couldn't adapt couldn't survive and then used this to form the theory of
evolution. The theory…


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