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How successful was the post-war
coalition 1918 - 1922 in dealing with
reconstruction after WW1?…read more

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Successful Not Successful
· Homes fit for hero's plan · Geddis Axe
· 1917 ministry of · Farmers weren't protected
reconstruction to minim prices
· Addison Home plan · Fall in domestic markets
· Unemployment benefits · Fall in imports
· Employment benefits didn't
· Attempts to improve war
extend to domestic or farm
pensions workers
· Easier for councils to · Authorities didn't build
improve housing homes (shortage of labour)…read more

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How successful was the coalition
government 1918 - 1922 in dealing with
economic and political problems after
WW1?…read more

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Success Failure
· Houses built · Homes didn't get built
· Attempts to improve · Was known as `only homes
pensions and benefits hero's would agree to live
· 1917 ministry of
reconstruction · Geddis Axe
· Fall of world markets
· Made it easier for councils
couldn't keep up with
to demolish slums and re competition in Europe
built houses
· War debts
· Unemployment…read more

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Success Failure
· Dealt with the problems in · Bad Coalition
Ireland · Lib. Split over Ireland
· Tory backbenchers were · Chanak
kept on side · DLG had a bad name
· TOV…read more

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How important was Lloyd George's
own mistakes in explaining his fall
from office in 1922?…read more

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Good summaries, but check your spelling!

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