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Restless Earth
Revision…read more

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Revision Check List
· Know the structure of the Earth
· Know the three types of plate margin
· Know how plate margins are formed
· Know what causes volcanoes
· Know the different types of volcano
· Know how to predict a volcano
· Know how a super volcano works
· Know what causes earthquakes and they are
· Know what causes a tsunami
You also need case studies: Fold Mountains, A volcano, Earthquake (poor country), Earthquake (rich country), Tsunami…read more

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This Session
· We will revise the main points of theory of the
Restless Earth Topic
This will be done through diagrams!
Grab a piece of A4 paper and divide it up into six parts
All diagrams will be saved into flipchart then exported.…read more

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Earth Structure Plate Margins Fold Mountains
Volcanoes Earthquakes Tsunam
i…read more

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Earth Structure and Plates
Crust (20 km) oceanic and continental
Mantle (Semi-molton) Convections
Outer core
Inner core (solid Iron and Nickel)
Plate margins and boundaries…read more

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Plate Margins
· Destructive
· Constructive
· Conservative…read more

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