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The regulation of blood glucose

The pancreas
a small organ lying below the stomach: it has both endocrine and exocrine functions
Secretion of enzymes
majority of the cells in the pancreas manufacture and release digestive enzymes (exocrine
function of the pancreas)
the cells are found in small groups surrounding tiny…

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If blood glucose concentration drops too low
low blood glucose concentration is detected by cells
cells secrete the hormone glucagon as a response
glucagon is detected by receptors on target cells (liver cells)
effects of glucagon include:
Conversion of glycogen to glucose (glycogenolysis)
Use of more fatty acids in respiration…

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Regulation of insulin levels
The importance of regulating insulin levels
insulin brings about the effect that reduce the blood glucose concentration
if blood glucose concentration is too high it is important that the insulin is released from the
if blood glucose levels drops it is important that insulin secretion…

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Certain factors seem to bring an earlier onset of type II diabetes:
a diet high in sugars particularly, refined sugar
being of Asian of Afro-Caribbean origin
family history
Treatment of diabetes
Type II diabetes is usually treated with careful monitoring and control of the diet
Care is taken to…


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