the Provisional Government

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The Provisional Government
March 1917, Russia ceased to be an empire and the
Tsar's empire had resulted in Russia becoming a
republic. In place of the Tsar's government there was
now a provisional government. It was made up by
members of the State Duma. It was simply Interim
Government, until a new constitution was drawn up.
Wartime allies welcomed the Provisional Government
and Prince Lvov was the initial leader.
The Provisional Government was formed
in Petrograd by the Provisional Committee of the State
Duma and was led first by Prince Georgy Lvov and then
by Alexander Kerensky. At the same time the Russian
Emperor Nicholas II abdicated in favour of the Grand
Duke Michael who agreed that he would accept after
the decision of Russian Constituent Assembly. The
Provisional Government was unable to make decisive
policy decisions due to political factionalism and a
breakdown of state structures. This weakness left the
government open to strong challenges from both the
right and the left. The Provisional Government's chief
adversary on the left was the Petrograd Soviet, which
tentatively cooperated with the government at first, but
then gradually gained control of the army, factories, and
railways. The period of competition for authority ended
in late October 1917, when Bolsheviks routed the
ministers of the Provisional Government in the events
known as the October Revolution, and placed power in
the hands of the soviets, or "workers' councils," which
they largely controlled.

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The provisional government was unstable from the
beginning which meant it had no ammunition to achieve
a powerful government. After Tsar Nicholas II's
abdication, there needed to be an emergency
reassertion of authority, so the provisional government
was created. Russia was in the middle of world war 1
when the it was created which proved to be a
disadvantage for the provisional government as they
were entered into an already struggling Russia
economically and politically.…read more

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Russia was accepting foreign loans from Britain and
France because Russia was stuck in financial difficulty,
however, this impacted on the Provisional Governments
downfall as the loans meant that Russia had to be kept
in the War in order for the loans to be continued. In
order to pay for the war, the prices rose over 200% after
inflation of the government printing more money.…read more


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