The Great Plains of America

the location of the Plains and what was it like, postive and negative.

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The Plains
They are boarded by the Rocky Mountains in the west and the Mississippi river in the east. The Great
Plains of America is a huge area of land which separates the east of America from the West. On the
Plains in the 1800's lived different Indian Tribes such as the Sioux and the Cheyenne. However on the
Great Plains also lived different varieties of animals such as the Buffalo, which is a very important
animal when talking about the Indians such as the Sioux. The weather on the Great Plains is also very
extreme where in the summer it is extremely hot in the winter it would reach freezing temperatures.
There was summer storms and often especially at the mountains there could be early snow fall or
even snow storms. To avoid this however the Indians moved around and only lived in the conditions
and temperatures which is possible to actually do so meaning that they loved the land.
Different people had different views about the Plains. The Whites and Indians certainly disagreed
and for years fought over the Great Plains sometimes called the Vast Plains as the land is so large.
The Whites only used the Plains for living in one place all year around and thought for years that the
land was a `great dessert' and uninhabitable. However the Indians totally disagreed with the whites
and believed that the land was `a gift from the great Sprit', the Great Spirit was there God and was
seen as a gift from god, a blessing. The fact that the plains were seen as a blessing and a great gift
was also helped by the fact that as they migrated around the plains at different times of the year
they were able to live peacefully on the Plains that is until the disruption of the whites on the Great
Plains. To the Indians the land was great only positive as they made the use of the land and was even
described by them as having, `beautiful rolling hills' as they made us of the positives the land has.
However the whites thought the opposite and that it was only negatives as for years they did not
use the land in the way the Indians did to see just how great the land really is.


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