The Great Plains and Native Americans

key points on the great plains and native americans (indians) for gcse history, the american west

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Great Plains:
· grasslands between mississippi river and the rocky mountains
· early european explorers found it a hostile environment
· enormous size
· lack of trees ­ wood
· lack of water
· unpredictable, extreme weather
· flat + featureless
Native Americans:
· many tribes e.g. Apache, Sioux, Blackfeet + Cheyenne each led by it's
own council of elders
· new comers didn't understand government rules
· chiefs had no power over his people ­ had respect from them based on
bravery at war
· 'police' = warriors called dog soldiers ­ fed old and weak, controlled
the hunt
· didn't need strict laws harsh environment forced them to work
· most tribes had few laws
· worst punishment was banishment
· marriage was easy ­ need to take care of women + children
· practised polygamy
· tribe joined together for buffalo hunt
· honour to feed old + weak
· exposure
· horse stealing was admired
· war ­ ambush of skill, aim was to capture horses
· scalped enemy to stop them going to the happy hunting ground


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