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Does God Exist?

Who is God?

For many religious people, God is very difficult to describe with language. Language is a limitation and is inadequate
when it used to talk about God.

God is indescribable and is often an idea in which people use opposites to conceive. For example, God…

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Does God Exist?

Arguments FOR the existence of God:

William Paley Teleological Argument ­ Nobody would look at a watch and believe that it came into existence
because of chance or accident as it is far too complex to just be. Someone must have designed and created it.
Likewise, the…

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Does God Exist?

There is no proof that God exists.

Big Bang The big bang was pure chance. There is no need to invent a cause, because it just happened.

Evil and Suffering There is evidence that our part of the universe, the earth, has weaknesses in its design. Natural…

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Does God Exist?

In the Bible a man named Saul had persecuted the followers of Christ. On day after Jesus' crucifixion and death, he was on his way to
Damascus when `suddenly a bright light from heaven' [Acts 9] flashed around him. A voice asked why Saul was hunting down…

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Does God Exist?

Pastor whose Christian beliefs helped
him to stand up for Black rights in

Knowing God through religious People learn about God through the lives
leaders of religious leaders. They tell their
followers how God would want them to
live in today's society.

Knowing God through worship…

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Does God Exist?

The Shahadah is a testimony in Islam which declares "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His

Shirk is the term given to the sin of making something equal to Allah. Shirk is forbidden in Islam.


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