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The end of the Cold War

Détente and economic reform in the USSR 1983-5
Brezhnev died in 1982
Yuri Andropov became leader of the USSR in November 1982
There were already signs that the Soviet leadership wished to resume détente
Wanted to make the Soviet economy more competitive with the…

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1990 ­ Received Nobel Peace Prize for ending the Cold War
1991 August ­ Soviet hardliners launched unsuccessful coups against him
August 25 ­ resigned
Détente renegotiated 1985-8
Decision made to renew talks only months before Gorbachev
Quickly showed that he was determined to negotiate major reductions in nuclear weapons…

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The GDR faced a major challenge when the Hungarian government decided in August to open
its frontiers with Austria and some 150,000 East Germans poured across the border on their
way to the FRG
Under pressure from the West German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, Honecker also granted exit
visas to the…


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