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The Teleological Argument: Learn from Aquinas and
Paley; challenges from Hume, Mill and Darwin
The design argument:
Or the teleological argument (from the Greek telos meaning purpose)
is an a posteriori argument meaning it is based on empirical evidence
and experience.
It argues for the existence of God…

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and assumes its existence is due to nature. He walks further and
comes across a watch and due to the complexity of the watch; he
concludes that it could not have come about without a watchmaker
or designer. The watch is like the universe because it is too complex

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based on is unsound because we have not witnessed the design of the
universe like we could witness the creation of a manmade object like
a watch so we cannot assume the universe is the result of a design or
the work of a designer
. He said that the…

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fittest and healthiest in society will survive and their characteristics
will survive gives the appearance of design without the necessity of
God. He did not deny God, only the God of classical theism "I cannot
persuade myself that a beneficent and omnipotent God would have
designedly created the lchneumonidae with…


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