The Crimean war

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13th September 1854 The start of the invasion 60,000 British and French
20th September Battle of Alma The British and French
defeated Russian forces at
24th September Start of siege of The first of British and
Sebastopol French attacks on the city
24th ­ 25th October Battle of Balaclava Russians advanced on British
supply base at Balaclava with
25,000 men,
24th October Thin red line During battle of Balaclava
93rd highlanders held the line
against the larger force of
25th October Charge of the light Controversial charge, many
brigade men lost their lives due to
bad communication
5th November Battle of Inkerman Unsuccessful Russian attack
14th November The great storm Many British soldiers faced
problems of inadequacy of
January-March 1855 Terrible Russian winter Worst winter felt in ages and
with poor supplies and
shelter it led many to
getting frost bite
9th September End of the siege of Russians evacuate
Sebastopol Sebastopol
29th February 1856 Armistice There is the victory for
British & French
The impact of war reporting
William Howard Russell and the Times
With the largest circulation within Europe, it was an influential paper. Its circulation
rose from 42,500 to 58,500 during the war.
Russell's reports show sympathy for the situation of ordinary soldiers, and he
frequently attacked what he saw as incompetence in the army hierarchy. He also
criticised army medical facilities and poor living conditions of British soldiers
Following on from his reports on problems within the Crimea, the Times set up a
fund in October 1854 to raise money to send supplies to the Crimea.
o Over £7,000 was raised

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Russell's reports do provide valuable information about the conduct of the Crimean war,
however not all his reports are that reliable...…read more

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The light brigade were only saved from complete destruction by a
French charge
Russell's eye witness accounts created the impression of a
monumental error of army leadership and a tragic waste of life
Depictions such as Tennyson's poem reinforced this picture of blunder
redeemed by the bravery and heroism of the soldiers
Disorganisation and inefficiency in the British Army
Problems with supply and transportation:
Medical supplies at Scutari were inadequate.…read more

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