The Contact Process

Flow chart showing the Contact Process for making sulfuric acid in industry

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Sulphur Compounds in Metal sulphide ores such Natural deposits in the
crude oil and natural gas as ZnS ground
SO2 also used to
Burned in air kill bacteria and as
S + O2 --> SO2 bleach in making
Mixed with more air and passed over Vanadium(V)
Oxide catalyst at 450C, for an acceptable rate of
reaction. Increasing pressure would also increase
yield, but normal pressure gives an acceptable yield
without the extra cost of a high-pressure system
2SO2(g) + O2 <--> 2SO3
Note reversible reaction
Dissolved in concentrated sulphuric
acid to form oleum
SO3 + H2SO4 --> H2S2O7
Mixed carefully with water. Dissolved
in the acid first so that an acid mist
does not form
H2O(l) + SO3(g) ---> H2SO4(l)
Paints and dyes Fibres and Plastics Soaps and Detergents Fertilisers


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