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The cell cycle-replication
of DNA
Biology unit 2…read more

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Cell division occurs in
2 main stages:
Nuclear division: Cell division:
-NUCLEUS divides -follow nuclear division
- Mitosis or meiosis -WHOLE cell divides
- DNA MUST BE - Ensure that all daughter
REPLICATED! cells have the genetic info
to produce the enzymes
and other proteins that they
may need.…read more

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Semi-conservative replication-
4 types of nucleotide
· Each with their bases must be present
· A, G, C, T
Both strands of the DNA molecule
· Must act as a template
· For the attachment of these nucleotides
· This enzyme is needed
· To catalyse the reaction
A source of chemical energy to drive the process…read more

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Semi-conservative replication
R joined together by DNA
·Double helix separates Each exposed ·Acts as a template
Enzyme DNA ·Breaks H bonds Form
So... ·Into its 2 strands and nucleotide ·Complementary nuc Activated nuc
helicase ·Linking base pairs of DNA Missing polynuc strand of t
unwinds strand attracted
2 original polynuc strands
Each of the Contains one of the
original DNA
new DNA mol strands…read more

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