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Brain scanning to investigate
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Magnetic fields are used to produce a detailed
image of the brain, which can show up
abnormalities such as tumours and
structural problems. It can also show brain
activity by monitoring blood flow.…read more

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PET (Position Emission Tomography)
Scans brain activity by using sensors placed
on the head to track a radioactive substance
that is injected into the person. This can
show which areas of the brain are more
active when a person performs an activity.…read more

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Biological Approach
Strengths and Weaknesses
Provides evidence to support or disprove a
theory ­ It's a scientific approach.
Biological treatments can be developed to
help individuals ­ anti-depressants, anti-
anxiety medicines e.c.t.…read more

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Does not take into account the influence of
the persons environment e.g. The lifestyle
which they had which could lead to the
unwanted behaviour.
Negative behaviour can lead to individuals
avoiding taking personal or social
responsibility for their behaviour ­ for
example they may blame the problems
around them rather then looking at their
own personal mindset which may have
caused the problem…read more


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