The Big 3

The leading men of the Treaty of Versailles: Lloyd George, Wilson, Clemenceau and Orlando 

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The Big Three
United Kingdom
Prime Minister Lloyd George ­ a realist
Wanted Germany to be punished but not too harshly.
Wanted Germany to lose its naval colonies as these were a threat to Britain's own naval empire.
Wanted Germany and Britain to become trading partners.
Needed to satisfy the British votes who wanted to `make Germany pay' and `hang the Kaiser'
Overall, Lloyd George did not want to punish Germany too harshly as he did not want them
seeking revenge in the future.
United States of America
President Woodrow Wilson ­ an idealist
Wanted a League of Nations that would help and support each other and help to promote world
peace ­ which most countries would join.
Wanted countries to have the right to self-determination; the right to be self-governed by
The USA had joined the war late (1917) and therefore hadn't suffered as much as the Allies in
terms of human and material costs.
Created 14 points which he thought should guide the treaty.
Overall, Wilson didn't want a harsh treaty knowing they would want revenge.
President Georges Clemenceau
France had suffered the most out of the war.
Wanted to cripple Germany so it couldn't attack France again, neighbours invaded already.
Wanted Germany to be broken down into smaller states (like before Bismarck and Unification of
Under a lot of pressure from French people to make Germany pay.
Wanted compensation.
Wanted Germany to admit guilt.
Wanted to humiliate Germany.
Overall, Clemenceau didn't want Germany to recover its strength so that it could attack France
again. He wanted a harsh treaty so that it would punish Germany and cripple it so that it could not
threaten France again.
Linked to the "Big Three" was Italy
Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando
Expected Italy to be treated equally at Versailles but he was wrong.
Wanted control of the Adriatic Coastline.
Orlando and Wilson fell out over Italy's territorial demands ­ Wilson thought that they were
unacceptable compared with his belief in national self-determination.

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