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African African
Plate This is the
Eurasian Tethys Sea
Plate today, it's
upwards to
The Alps were formed 35 million form the Alps.
years ago, by the collision of the
African and the Eurasian Plate. Click to find out
how Fold
Click to zoom picture to Mountains are
see where the African formed
and Eurasian plates are
located…read more

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The Alps
Can you spot the African and
Eurasian plate?…read more

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Fold Mountains The proof of the
rocks folding can
be seen in the
Many of the eroded rocks layers of
that have been carried by exposed rocks
the river are now deposited
on the river bed.
Over millions of years the
sediment gradually builds up
and is compressed on the The Alps folds
river bed into sedimentary
When the two plates collide
the sedimentary rocks are
pushed upwards into a
series folds and as this
happens for millions of years
slowly a fold mountain is
created.…read more

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The Alps extend for almost
AL 700 miles they stretch
through: Austria, Slovenia,
Italy, Switzerland, Germany,
What are France and Liechtenstein.
· The highest mountain in
the Alps? the Alps is Mt Blanc which is
· The Alps extend for
almost 700 miles they Mt Rosa
Mt E
stretch through: Austria, crin Mt
Slovenia, Ita Mt Blanc Cevedale
Mt…read more

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