The 1905 revolution

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The 1905 revolution
June 1905= Potemkin crew killed some of their officers and took over ship
bombarded black sea port of Odessa headed for Romania
Not widespread
Army was unlikely to turn against regime
Feb 1905 400,000 workers
End of 1905 2.7 mil workers
General strike 20th sep to 30th oct 1905
Strikes set up by soviet's to direct them
Railway workers threatened gov as they relied on them for troops
Peasant Uprising
Due to poor harvests & raising of taxes
Kursk province feb 1905
End of the year= most European parts of r had been affected
Workers councils
St Petersburg main one most workers
Elected representatives
400 members represented 96 factories
Organized strikes ensured strikers got food
Armed Uprisings
Continued through autumn/ winter
5th dec general strike in Moscow, by 7th= violent
By 18th dec 1000 dead, cities in ruins= revolutionaries surrendered


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