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Introduction to Anatomy Test
Q1. Write down the word to match the description of a value (6 Marks)
a. Below Normal ­
b. Above Normal
c. Inflammation ­
d. Science off ­
e. Abnormality ­
f. Around Normal ­
Q2 Give the Scientific names of: (9 Marks)
a. Hand
b. Foot
c. Head
d. Chest
e. Pelvis
f. Neck
g. Back
h. Tummy
i. Front
Q3.List what can be found in the following areas?
a. Trunk (3 Marks)
b. Upper Extremities (3 Marks)
c.…read more

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Q4. Give the names of the planes that divide the body in the following
places (Marks)
a. Splits the body left and right, % not given
b. Randomly (but not one of the others)
c. Front and back of the body
d. Left and right 50%/50%
e. Through the waist
Q5. Fill in the blanks: (4 Marks)
When describing that one part of the body, say, the elbow is found higher
than the hand it can be described as being ................................ Or as
being .............................…read more

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Q8. Describe the location of the following, within the thoracic cavity (3
1. Pericardial Cavity
2. Pleural Cavity
3. Mediastinum
Q9. Name all 11 body systems and give the name of 3 organs found within
them each.…read more



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