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Introduction to Anatomy Test
Q1. Write down the word to match the description of a value (6 Marks)

a. Below Normal ­
b. Above Normal
c. Inflammation ­
d. Science off ­
e. Abnormality ­
f. Around Normal ­

Q2 Give the Scientific names of: (9 Marks)

a. Hand

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Q4. Give the names of the planes that divide the body in the following
places (Marks)

a. Splits the body left and right, % not given
b. Randomly (but not one of the others)
c. Front and back of the body
d. Left and right 50%/50%
e. Through the waist…

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Q8. Describe the location of the following, within the thoracic cavity (3

1. Pericardial Cavity
2. Pleural Cavity
3. Mediastinum

Q9. Name all 11 body systems and give the name of 3 organs found within
them each. (33 marks)




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