Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam Conference

A table of all three conferences, who was there, what happened, what they agreed and disagreed on and when.

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Tehran Conference Yalta Conference Potsdam conference
1943 1945 1945
Joseph Stalin, Franklin Joseph Stalin, Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, Harry Truman,
Roosevelt, Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill/ Clement
Agreed on D-day 1944 Germany and Berlin Atlee.
The Soviet Union was would be divided into To divide Germany and
to assist war against four zones (American, Berlin as previously
Japan once Germany British, Soviet and agreed.
had been defeated. French). De-militarise Germany.
United nations To hunt down and try Ban the Nazi party.
established Nazi war criminals.
Liberated countries
would be allowed to They disagreed:
have free elections. Over Germany ­ Stalin
To take part in the wanted Germany to
United Nations suffer and to
organisation to completely disable
maintain peace. them so that the Soviet
`Sphere of influence'. Union would be
Disagreed: German protected from future
reparations and attacks. Truman didn't
Poland's government. want a repeat of the
Treaty of Versailles.
About free elections ­
Truman wanted
Eastern Europe
(countries occupied by
Soviet troops) to have
free elections. Stalin


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