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Technological Fix…read more

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Development of Technology
· Technology life cycle
· Introduction, growth, maturity, decline
· Decline begins with better technologies becoming mainstream
· Lifecycles have become shorter over time
· Speed of growth has increased…read more

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Technological Fix
Controlling Nature Attitudes
· Using an umbrella · `techies'-positively seek out and
· Antibiotics embrace new
developments=early adopters
· Technology is involved in every · `mainstream'-adopt technology
part of our day to day life when benefits are clear and its
· Increasingly dependent affordable
· `luddites'- people opposed to
technological change. Ned Ludd,
1811, opposition to textile looms…read more

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Amish CCTV
· USA · UK- 10 million cameras
· Reject modern technology such as · Issues concerning personal
cars and electricity
· Religious objection privacy
· They want to live separately from · Only 3% of crimes solved with
non-Amish CCTV
· They are having to adopt
technology such as landline to keep · However, how many prevented?
up with the economy, however it is
a communal phone…read more

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Distribution of Electricity
Country Classificatio Electricity
n use per
Digital Access Index
· Combines information on landlines, mobile
USA Developed 12,200 phone subscriptions, school enrolment, adult
Brazil NIC 2,000 literacy, internet users and cost of internet
Philippines RIC 550
· Countries with a digital access index over 75
Ghana Developing 240 are hyper connected
Ethiopia LDC 25 · Corresponds to wealthy areas- powerhouse of
knowledge economy(east Asia, North
America, EU)
· 15 or lower- countries mainly in Africa, far
from entering the digital age…read more

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Inequality of Access to Technology
HIV/AIDS drugs Prolong life by decades but are costly
Patented and protected by companies that develop
them, prevent cheap copies being made that the
developing world could afford
Nuclear Power Can be used to manufacture nuclear weapons for this
reason western powers have used military force and
economic sanctions to prevent countries such as
North Korea from developing this technology
Communications North Korea, citizens have been banned from mobile
phones since 2004, only the government has access to
the internet, there is a intranet which has been
massively filtered and contains no connection to the
outside world.
Contraception Catholicism bans the use of birth control
GM Crops Not grown in the UK because of public opposition…read more

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