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Strict Liability

Definition: A good definition is offered by Smith and Hogan. Liability without fault ­ not even
Callow V Tillstone (1890): A butcher was convicted of selling unfit meat despite the fact that he
had had the meat certified as safe by a vet before the sale. His…

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was applied in addition to the presumption that mens rea is required where the offence is a true
crime as oppose to a regulatory offence.

Smedley Ltd v Breed 1974 : The D's, a large scale manufacturer of tinned peas, producing over 3
million tins in a seven week season,…

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Building regulations: Gammon Ltd v AG of Hong Kong 1985: (above)
Food hygiene Callow v Tillstone (1890) (above)
Wildlife/countryside: Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981), Kirkland v Robinson 1987: possessed a
bird (Goshawk)
Firearms: Howells 1987:
Drugs: Warner v MPC 1968
Greater vigilance: Vigilance means being watchful in case of danger.…

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Larsonneur (1933): The defendant was convicted of being found in the UK, contrary to the Aliens
Order of 1920, even thought she had been brought forcibly into the UK by the immigration
B V DPP (1999): this shows that the courts still have the same presumptions as before.



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