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Stress and cardiovascular
Eg:coronary heart disease
Hypertension,atherosclerosis…read more

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Mechanical effects of stress
· Heart rate increases...
.more blood is pumped
around system
· Blood pressure
increases causing
· Glucose levels go up
causing "clumps" in arteries…read more

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Studies into stress and
· Short term stress eg anger may lead
to cardiovascular disorders
· Long term stress eg work can also
lead to this
· Chronic stress can also lead to
depression-women affected more.
· Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome…read more

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Research into stress and CHD
· Many studies find a link between
stress and CHD-the main one is
· Friedman and Rosenman 1974-Type A
personality and CHD
· Type A = time pressured,impatient,
doing several things at once,
HOSTILE.…read more


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