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When an individual's perceived environmental,
social and physical demand exceeds their ability to
cope…read more

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Acute Stress and Chronic Stress
Sympathomedullary Pituitary ­ Adrenal
System System
Also known as the HPA ­
When confronted with acute Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis
stressors the autonomic
The body's response to on going
nervous system ­ ANS ­ is
stress. Such as illnesses, family
The ANS is divided into 2 branches :
SNS ­ The Sympathetic Nervous System
­ Arouses an animal for fight or Both physical and emotional
flight stressors activate the HPAA.
Parasympathetic branch ­ Takes animal Referred to as the body's stress
back to a state of relaxation system controlling the levels of
cortisol and other stress related
A key part of fight or flight is SAM ­
The Sympathetic Adrenal Medullary
System. Together the SNS and SAM
make up the Sympathomedullary
System…read more

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