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The Sources of Chinese Loess
Nicola Noel-Barker
Olivia Phillips
Jemma Priest
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The Chinese Loess Plateau
Where has it come from?
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Image: The many different units that make up China's
`Patchwork' geology. Different units have different age
Finding the Source
· So far: bulk analysis of loess samples
· This is misleading - multiple sources can be
contained in one samle
· The future: single-grain analysis using U-Pb
dating of zircons (Stevens et al, 2010)
· One grain = one source
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Desert or Mountain Sources?
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Sources of Loess:
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Key Points
· Guan Qingyu et al (2008): Geochemical analysis
of Loess Plateau.
Source = alluvial fan at the northern foot of the Qilian
· Stevens et al (2010): significant proportion of
zircons from loess show affinities with rocks from
the Qilian Mountains.
· Sun (2002): supports the idea of mountain sources
feeding the Loess Plateau.
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