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Stage 1:

Poem: Sonnet 43
Subject: The eternity of love
Themes: Intense love, comparison of religion and love,
Messages: Love is a powerful force

Stage 2:

Poem: Sonnet 43
Emotions, Love as powerful and all-encompassing -
Moods, Sonnet 43 presents the idea of; the poet's love enables her to reach…

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What Assonance
techniques are 'Praise/Faith'
used This is striking because the poem is about defining the perfect love, and yet the poem avoids
And what perfection. Perhaps this is deliberate. Even though the poet finds this love perfect to her yet she
effect do they avoids perfection because not every…

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Autobiographical - it refers to 'my old griefs'. (Browning had strong disagreements with her parents
and was eventually disinherited.) The passion she applied to these 'griefs' has been applied more
positively to her love, demonstrating that she sees love as a positive, powerful and life-changing force.

Stage 5:

Poem: Sonnet…

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'Ghazal' and 'Sonnet 43' both portray different aspects of love.

The Manhunt

'The Manhunt' and 'Sonnet 43' both indicate deep and intense love for their husbands yet they both portray their love
in a different way as they both have different situations to deal with.

Bethany Cunningham Sonnet 43




Cheers :) Helpful notes on imagery :)

Bethany Cunningham


Thank you! Wow, it has been a long time since I've done this (a year) but I am glad it still helps.

Good luck for your exam!

Paul Dutton


A very helpful guide to these sonnets, very clearly explained and explored.

Bananaexcel 2.0


More quotations could probs make it better, still good though c:

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