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Somerset Accent…read more

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Accent: pronunciation
Features of the language
Rhotic `R'- a noticeable clue to the county. (farmer)
Vowel sounds can be replaced ­ Great become `gurt.'
We can find remnants of Anglo- Saxon. The pronunciation is an ancient one where
`S' is often but not always sounded as a `Z'. `Somerset' can sometimes be pronounced
like `Zumerset'
`F' sounds as a `V'.
Vowel sounds gain an `R'
In Somerset the Britons were driven westward by the River Parrett, which had
formed a natural barrier between Celtic tribes, proved a barrier to advance of the
Saxons. Hence in eastern and central Somerset the dialect is practically Anglo-
Saxon. To the west of the Parrett, especially around the Brendon hills and Exmoor,
the dialect is spoken with a Celtic accent and closely resembles that of Devon. Apart
from the east- west divide formed by the River Parrett, the area to the north of the
Mendip hills also has its own dialect. One notable example of this is in the way that
words are sounded when they end in a vowel.…read more

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Dialect: Lexis
Examples of lexis they use
`Hilts and gilts' ­ female and male piglets
`Benny' ­ to lose your temper
`Jasper' ­ wasp
`Agoon' ­ soon
`Alright my ansum' ­ how are you my friend?
`Idiot' ­ blad
`Listen to him' ­ ark at `e
`Churn' ­ a bad women…read more

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A system of personal pronouns exists in which the form of the pronoun is not, for
the most part, determined by subject versus object function but by weak or strong
position (weak position = non-standard pronoun forms) Sometimes use subject
pronouns in object position: "Give that to I"
strong weak
you ee
he er (subject) `n (object)
she er
we us
they `m
e.g. you wouldn't do that would ee?
Use of multiple negation i.e. we didn't never
`they do be' (hard working) ­ periphrastic `do' instead of are. (Periphrastic is
when you use more than one verb to describe one action.)
`they' rather than `those' for plural (Use non-standard determiner)…read more

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Cultural stereotype of `ooh arr' ing carrot crunching
People have thought hard to shape the image off
Originated from the agricultural history so the accent has
been associated with farming and as a result lack of
education and rustic simplicity
Giles- the Somerset accent was rated third out of four
accents. He also found out that it was persuasive as far as
holiday making goes. In which case it is not all negative ­
the accent is not seen as sophisticated but is positive in
terms of connotations with farming, country living,
produce and holidays.…read more

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EXAMPLES…read more


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