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Alevel Sociology Links
Excellent for revision. Lots of essaystyle questions to practice and chapter
summaries which are helpful for recapping.
Sociology Revise
Another great revision site that provides lots of helpful resources for
students, such as revision cards, maps and diagrams.
Rachael's Sociology
A homemade site, but still contains a lot of useful resources (mostly in
Word format). Concentrates mainly on crime and education.
A site that provides a very useful collection of links, which are helpfully
organised by topic.
Sociology Online
A site that is less formal and contains lots of facts, quizzes and crosswords
to aid sociology revision
Get Revising
Although not sociologicalspecific, and it takes a minute to subscribe, this
site is really good if you want to create your own revision resources, eg.
cards, timetables.


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