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Emma Rudd BMA
16th September

Sociology ­ Topic 1 Culture and Social Structure

Evidence that demonstrates that human behaviour is learnt
Human behaviour is too complex and diverse to just be explained simply
by genes.
Feral children can be taken from their society and placed into a human
based society…

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Emma Rudd BMA
16th September

Norms, Values and Subcultures

Definition Example

`Norms' Expectations about how Violence is not seen as
people should or should not acceptable.
behave in society.

Values Standards or principles Religion, honesty, justice and
people see as important fairness.

Subculture A large society that shares Britain ­…

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Emma Rudd BMA
16th September

Social Roles, Social Institutions and Social Structure

Definition Example

Social Roles Set expectations applied to A soldier is expected to be
a particular social status brave and disciplined

Social Institutions When social roles group The roles of patients,
together nurses, G.Ps and hospital



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